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Keeping abreast with the ever-changing global regulatory requirements is quintessential for the success of any pharma facility because we cannot do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow.

A sufficient number of qualified and trained personnel are indispensable for ensuring good pharmacovigilance practices. A well structured training program should-

  • Have a strong and unswerving focus on customer's requirements
  • A plan established with clear strategies and tactics
  • Resource commitment which is visible and actionable
  • A curriculum designed with precision

  • Why AWINSA ?

    We at AWINSA Life Sciences working on the above principles provide customized training tailored to your requirements which are delivered in the form of group discussions, modules, webinars and on site demonstrations. In addition, it can be supplemented by annual training programs designed by our intellectually competent team which will further up skill and motivate your workforce.