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Dr. Sanjeev Miglani, Founder and Director of AWINSA Life Sciences, MD in Internal Medicine, with sharp and active intellect has a rock-solid foundation of academics further heightened by his vast experience in the medical arena. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Medicine, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical research. Establishing the correct chain of events is quintessential in safety monitoring and his patient and adroit analysis of the safety reports can unravel the medical situations swiftly and with precision. Keen on spreading the acquired knowledge, he has participated in many international conferences as a speaker. He embarked on his journey in clinical research and Pharmacovigilance as a Senior Manager in Ranbaxy after doing senior residency in Cardiology and Internal Medicine and then was Director of Medical and Pharmacovigilance at CliniRx, and Chief Operating officer at CIDP. He moved up on the ladder as VP of Accenture before joining APCER as the Vice president of PV, Clinical Safety North America and Global Medical Affairs.


Dr. Mugdha Chopra, Co-founder and Director of AWINSA Life Sciences, is a woman of great sagacity. She is a Dental Surgeon by qualification with post graduation in Clinical Research. With her 16 years of experience, and extensive and deep-rooted knowledge of various Pharmacovigilance data bases, systems and processes, she has the ability to adeptly supplement technology with knowledge. Her vast experience in the implementation of large Pharmacovigilance projects is another feather in her cap. A speaker at various national and international conferences, her presentation skills have been decorated with awards at various international conferences. She began her journey with a successful stint in Ranbaxy where she achieved excellence in management of Pharmacovigilance compliance. Later, she worked as Associate Vice President of Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Safety at APCER.


Wendy Kleijberg, EU QPPV studied Medicine at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and graduated as Master in medicine. She started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in pharmacovigilance in 2006 as local safety officer for a medium sized pharmaceutical company. After two years she continued her career at global pharmacovigilance level and started writing regulatory reports and performing signal detection. Due to a merger, she changed to a generic company and continued her activities on global level. After 8 years PV experience, she started a career as an independent consultant. She has been involved in many projects and PV systems. She is experienced in both local pharmacovigilance activities and global pharmacovigilance activities, from case processing to report writing, from local literature search to signal detection and from SOP writing to MedDRA subject matter expert. She is now acting as EU-QPPV for clients. She is working on various PV related projects, in line with company and client expectations, including but not limited to: LPPV expertise, global and local literature search, regulatory intelligence, case processing, report writing (RMP, PBRER), data analysis and signal detection activities, PV SOP writing, PSMF writing, etc.