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EEA mandates that a qualified person should be positioned in EU by MAH who will oversee the Pharmacovigilance functions of the company. QPPV is expected to have robust knowledge of Pharmacovigilance and should be capable of fulfilling all key functions.

  • QPPV must establish the MAHs PV system
  • Be the point of contact for regulatory authorities 24*7
  • Is legally responsible for supervision of the safety profile of the product

  • Inevitably such challenging demands can only be met by a person with extensive knowledge and experience of the field.

    The QPPV you choose needs to have appropriate qualifications and documented evidence of their training.

    Outsourcing QPPV to us will ensure that you not only have the services of the highest quality but they are incredibly cost effective. We can provide you with highly experienced QPPV professionals who can provide rigorous oversight of Pharmacovigilance activities within your organization.